get to know me

I love being creative and telling a story through my images.
Forever chasing light with an honest and down to earth approach, finding beauty in unlikely places and those in-between moments.

And this is where I’m supposed to tell you random facts about myself so you can get to know me. Things like how much I love Siberian huskies, I dress like a tomboy, or how my favourite place I’ve ever been is Norway, or that I was never the popular kid in high school. Or how I always do random spontaneous sh*t (sorry, mom). This is where I tell you about my love for hiking, travelling, free diving, sea life, and the arts. But none of those things tell you what I’m about, or what makes me connect with people on a deeper level.

So, here’s to being a little more open, and a lot more vulnerable. Here’s where I tell you that I’ve always looked for the beauty in the everyday. I lose my mind over golden light and moody foggy mornings. I was born and raised in Northern, Ontario, so the smell of campfires, and maple syrup make my heart feel full, and smells like home. I believe that bourbon is amber-tinted love in a glass. I believe in treating people with respect, being polite, communicating, and always my most genuine self. And I believe that getting to know each other is the first step towards creating photographs that let your personalities shine through. 

So, if you love a little wind, adventure, and messy hair, let’s make some magic.










Chelsee + Shawn! We got married in July of 2019, a whirlwind romance that started at a Billy Talent concert. We travelled to Norway for our honeymoon and made a little human who we named Fjord. Oh and we have a goofy husky named Petee!

Shawn is behind the scenes and will occasionally assist during sessions or weddings! 

oh hey Shawn!

during winter months you can find us dog sledding with my pup + friends pups on our time off.

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